Effects of pollution on taj mahal

Agra, where the Taj Mahal stands, has been polluted heavily by industries and traffic over the past decades. Illegal factories are springing up around the Taj Mahal and uncontrolled construction around the monument seems to be endless.

Effects of pollution on taj mahal

Jan 2, It says Taj is changing colour due to deposition of dust and carbon-containing particles emitted in the burning of fossil fuels, biomass and garbage. The findings can lead to targeted strategies to curb air pollution in and around Agra and more effective ways to cleanse the marble surface of the year-old mausoleum, which remains by far the most visited man-made structure in the country with footfalls of more than 6 million in Clean marble samples were then placed at various points on the monument accessible only to ASI staff.

After two months of exposure, the samples were analysed using electron microscope and X-ray spectroscope. The pollutants deposited on the marble were identified through these investigations. Black carbon is emitted by vehicles and other machines that burn fossil fuels. Brown carbon is typically released through burning of biomass and garbage, a common practice in the region.

S N Tripathi of IIT Kanpur, one of the authors, said the team then used a novel approach to estimate how these deposited particles would impact light reflecting off the marble surface.

Researchers are now keen on studying the efficacy of this method and finding ways of improving it.Despite years of effort, the marble façade of the Taj Mahal keeps getting a dirty brownish-yellow due to air pollution. Researchers have now identified the pollutants responsible – exactly the same ones that are implicated in global warming and also cause a pall of smog over most of northern.

Among India's most pressing environmental problems are land damage, water shortages, and air and water pollution. During , deforestation, which, especially in the Himalaya watershed areas, aggravates the danger of flooding, averaged 1, sq km ( sq mi) per year.

Tips on how to prevent noise pollution. Plant trees, don't blast music on your computer, speak softly on telephone and don't blow car horn's unnecessarily.

Effects of pollution on taj mahal

NEW DELHI: India’s white marvel, the Taj Mahal, is slowly turning brownish-yellow because of air pollution, says an Indo-US study which also identifies the pollutants responsible for the effect.

Nitin Gadkari looks at biofuels to clean up air, save Taj Mahal Five days after the Supreme Court told the Centre that the Taj Mahal should either be restored or demolished, three Union ministers and the UP chief minister met on Monday to discuss plans to address pollution sources. Definition of Air Pollution.

Air pollution is the introduction of foreign products into the atmosphere that have determintal effects on living organisms and cause damage to the environment.

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