Eye of the storm reaction paper

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Eye of the storm reaction paper

Babinski and I am the wife of Lyle S. Babinski who had served with the th Engineer Co. National Guard Unit in Waverly, Tennessee At the time his unit left, my husband was in excellent health and state of mind.

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When me and Mr. Rogers a young man who has lived with us since we were married in picked him up from the Nashville Airport, we both immediately smelled a very unusual odor on him, his uniform and all his belongings.

It was not from lack of showering, this odor was very different. This odor had a chemical smell and the reason I know this is because I also served in the U. Army and I know that smell. After he was at home for about a month, I started to notice changes in him. The diarrhea would last for two or three days.

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It would stop for a week or so and then it would start up again. I see him get mad and upset over absolutely nothing and for no reason. His concentration span is very short. As he tries to do the normal things here at home like he use to, he'll suddenly quit in severe anger or from exhaustion or both.

He coughs and sneezes allot. With-in a month after he returned, I noticed that his nose got very red and dry and he complained of it hurting all the time. We tried all kinds of creams and ointments but nothing would work.

VA has also given him nose sprays, which helped for a couple days and then stopped. The redness on his nose is now across his forehead and cheeks. Also blood actually runs out of his nose several times a month. I thought he developed high blood pressure but I check it quite often and it's normal most of the time.

There are times that his blood pressure will rise suddenly and then in minutes go back to normal. During these times which are several times a week now his skin turns gray in color.

Before this, the gray color was only happening at night when he slept. He can no longer sleep in the bed. This has been going on in the past yr. Also in the last few yrs. He said that he will suddenly find himself on the interstate wondering where he is suppose to be going and then he will remember.

So I had to get him a cell phone so when this happens, hopefully he would know to call me and I could help him. He gets confused so easily.

Eye of the storm reaction paper

This will last about an hour or so. The headaches are more severe now than they were before and they are every day now. My husband hurts so bad in his joints and muscles and he is so exhausted all the time. He can only work part time now but I feel that even that is too hard on him.

The people he works with are wonderful because they watch him for me and they too have noticed some drastic changes in him. They see his how he hurts and what he goes through. The doctors there are seeing how sick he is now and are asking why he looks so bad.

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