Go back to where you came

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Go back to where you came

Jacqui and Marina stayed with a refugee family from Syria in Sydney to learn about their experiences and why they came to Australia. As part of the show she has been sent to the Syrian war zone with Sydney immigration lawyer Marina, Along with six other participants, Lambie and Marina will have their preconceived ideas about refugees challenged as they get a first-hand experience of the global refugee crisis.

Australia can watch on in real time over three nights from Tuesday to Thursday. Immigration lawyer Marina, 28, has been partnered with politician Jacqui Lambie for a trip to Syria.

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Supplied Immigration lawyer Marina is a refugee advocate who believes Australia is not making a great enough contribution to the global refugee crisis. She has been highly critical of Islam and has campaigned to ban the burqa in Australia.

Lambie believes that Australia should direct resources to fixing its own problems, rather than refugees, and is also concerned about new migrants to Australia not integrating. News Corp Australia News.

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In the first clip that you can view at the top of this post the pair stay with a family of Syrian refugees in Australia. It makes for some awkward viewing. But you are also damaged and that really bothers me.

Go back to where you came

Military-trained Lambie barely flinches as she fires an AK rifle and looks at a decomposing body on the street:Oct 02,  · The first series of Go Back to Where You Came From was truly groundbreaking and audacious television.

In , six ordinary Australians took a refugee journey backwards from Australia. Third season of multi-award-winning SBS series Go Back To Where You Came From, 6 Australians challenge their preconceptions about refugees & asylum seekers.

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Go back to where you came
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