Kohler case

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Kohler case

Case study solutions by top business students.

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A This case solution includes an Excel file. As part of a recapitalization aimd at preserving the family ownershop of Kohler Co.

Belen Villalonga, Raphael Amit Publisher: Jan 12, Revision: Mar 31, Answered Kohler case study questions: Please value the company based on Discounted Cash Flows perpetuity growth and exit multiple as well as comparable companies method taking into account any discounts due to liquidity or control.

Consider the motives of the key players: Why does he want to buy the minority shareholders out? Is Herbert Kohler correct in that private is better? In other words, why are they bothering Herbert Kohler? Obtain a value for the firm and the minority shares: Provide alternative estimates of the WACC and the resulting value for each minority share.

What is the value of the firm and the value of each minority share based on the comparable companies method. Note that more than multiple values are possible here. Briefly compare your calculations and provide conclusions about the value of the minority shares.

Can these values be justified based on your calculations under question 2? As the case describes, minority shareholders do not have voting rights. Nonvoting shares are clearly less valuable than voting shares.

Furthermore, the shares are infrequently traded and shareholders might therefore not be able to quickly sell their shares or not be able to sell their shares without loss of value. Could Herbert Kohler use these discounts to defend his valuation? What about the dissenting shareholders?

How can they defend their relatively high estimate of the value?Case study: Kohler Co. Private Company Valuation HBS Case 2. Case summary Valuation: Income approach (DCF) Valuation: Market approach (Multiples) Discount for lack of control and marketability ph-vs.comology /5(3).

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Kohler case

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