Writing a blues song lesson plan

How the music of Blues woman reflected history and helped to change it.

Writing a blues song lesson plan

Conduct research on a historical event. The students should be given about 15 minutes to respond to the questions. Study all of the pictures included with the article. What is your overall impression of the collection? Include one or two sentences. Where were the photographs taken?

Lesson Plan: Life After the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King

Who is in the photographs? What type of activity is taking place in the photographs? By observing the details of the photographs, what can you determine? What would you like to know about the events or subjects in the pictures that you cannot visually see by looking at the photographs?

After 15 minutes, the teacher will conduct a class discussion about the photographs based on the student responses to the questions above.

During the discussion, the teacher will emphasis that Marcus Shook is a native Mississippian. As the students read the article, they should respond to the questions on the reading guide. The students can work independently or with a partner to answer the questions during class.

The teacher will lead a class discussion about the Mississippi History Now article by asking student volunteers to share their answers to the questions on the reading guide. Once the class discussion has been concluded, students should be placed in groups of three to complete a project.

Each group should be given a copy of the project research worksheet attached to this lesson in order to record and document the sources used for the group project. If available, students should be encouraged to use both primary and secondary sources when researching the topic of their project.

Once the research is complete, each group should write a script for their radio broadcast.


Listed below are topic suggestions for the radio broadcast: Closing the Lesson Each group should present their broadcast to the class. After the group presentations, the teacher will ask the students to respond to the questions listed below.

writing a blues song lesson plan

The students can respond in an oral or written format. What are two interesting facts you learned from your study of the Mississippi History Now article and the research for your group project? What questions do you still have about the topics you have studied in this lesson?Mississippi Blues lesson plan.

Martha Hutson, Clinton, Mississippi.

(ELL, ESL, and EFL)

OVERVIEW. Congress declared the “Year of the Blues,” an event more than likely unknown to most Mississippians. This lesson plan provides five drag and drop jpg handouts of Starry Night poems. Note that Robert Fagles wrote about many Van Gogh poems.

By coordinating the selection of the Van Gogh painting with one he wrote about could offer an opportunity to compare and contrast poems.

ph-vs.comts will learn about the time period after reconstruction for African Americans ph-vs.comts will understand the equal importance of the common voice in addition to the intellectual voices of the day. Lesson 1: How to Write a Blues Song. Schema The first stage in this lesson is to help students create schema or background about blues music.

A great place to begin is through a knowledge check: asking students to define blues music. stanza from the Robert Johnson song “Love in Vain”: When the train left the station, was two lights on behind.

The blue light was my blues and the red light was my mind. The booklet and SOW (with Powerpoints) are designed for year 8 students.

The assessment tasks are linked to the Jackass Blues piece but could easily be changed to suit whatever you are doing/5(47).

writing a blues song lesson plan
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